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Welcome to "Kim Talks Resilience," where tales of tenacity and perseverance shine. Dive into riveting conversations with remarkable women who have conquered challenges and emerged even stronger.

Hosted by the indomitable Kim Hayden, this podcast delves into the heart of resilience, showcasing female founders, authors, and entrepreneurs who've battled adversity and triumphed. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder or forging your own entrepreneurial path, find inspiration, guidance, and wisdom in these powerful narratives. Discover the secrets behind their success and the strategies that propelled them forward.

Let's embrace resilience, together.

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About the Host


Kim Hayden is a beacon of resilience and empowerment, emanating from Calgary, Alberta. Rooted in Wichita, Kansas, Kim’s journey has been marked by indomitable spirit and sheer tenacity.

For over two decades, Kim has distinguished herself in the real estate realm, executing over 1500 transactions and elevating clients' equity returns significantly. However, her brilliance isn't confined to real estate. Alongside her husband, Doug, Kim's civic contributions have earned them prestigious accolades like the Alberta Centennial and Queen's Diamond Jubilee Commonwealth awards. With a penchant for the spotlight, Kim illuminated viewers with TV shows like "Kim's Kitchen" and "Homes & Lifestyles Canada." In 2019, her entrepreneurial spirit birthed the Resilient New Media and Resilient Series brand, championing women's leadership.

At the heart of it all, Kim’s mission remains unwavering: to bolster women, celebrating their resilience and paving pathways to success.

Want to Share Your Story of Resilience with the World?

If you identify as a:

  • Female Founder with tales of triumph over trials

  • Author sharing narratives of women empowerment

  • Coach teaching resilience and perseverance

  • Entrepreneur with inspiring lessons from your journey

Then this platform awaits your unique narrative.

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© 2023 Resilient New Media

© 2023 Resilient New Media